Amazing beehive cake

Beautiful wonderful sticky buns! influenced by Austro-Hungarian cuisine

The ingredients:

650 grams of flour

5 eggs

2 glasses of milk

30 grams of vanilla enfused suger (to incorparate in the butter) and 20 grams to incorporate in the dough (you can correct the sticky dough with flour if it's too sticky) and 20 grams of vanilla suger for the milk baste during the baking process

150 grams of regular sugar

175 grams of butter

50 grams of yeast

a large round 26cm diameter baking dish

The Recipe:

First step for the dough mix:

separate the eggs use the yolks only place into the mixer bowl , plus the flour, place 1 glass of milk and 10 tea spoons of sugar and the 50 grams of yeast . Mix well adding to the flour and yolks . Mix using low speed, for 8 minutes. Cover with a tea towel , let it rest for 1 hour in a warm part of the kitchen.

Second step for the butter mix:

Place the butter in a different bowl combine with the 150 grams of regular sugar and 20 grams of vanilla sugger ,mix well.

Third step - how to place the dough for baking after it has risen:

Spread the yeast dough with a rolling pin until it's three quarters of a centimeter thick, it can also be a bit thinner, when you spread it, it should bubble up a little bit, it will be very streachy and will take a little bit of fiddling with.

Now spread the BUTTER MIXTURE on top of it, very nicely all over and evenly.

Now gently create a roulade by rolling without pressing DON'T PRESS, BE GENTLE.

Prepare the baking dish before hand by lining it with a non stick ovenable bag (the transparent kind) it's much better than parchment.

Cut the roulade in to 4.5 cm pieces ( you can even go 5 cm)

Place four to five pieces in the middle of the baking dish with about a half a centimeter between them...

continue on to place around until completed!

Place the dish inside a cold oven and leave it there for 45 minutes to rise.

Bake at 170 celsius

for 45 minutes

but after 30 minutes into the baking process you have to pour a hot milk mixture all over it and than place it back in to the oven to finish the baking process.

The hot milk mixture is made up of: 1 cup of milk mixed with 20 grams of vanilla enfused sugar, heated to a warm tempreture but not to a boil, DON'T BOIL IT, you can use the microwave for this process...

(Ovens may vary so keep an eye on your cake! when it's slightly golden then it's time to pour the milk mixture)

Take it out, when it's done and place a plate on top of it and turn it out, don't wait, do it when the cake is out of the oven, then leave it to cool, but it is also nice to have it warm especially in winter :)


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